Hi there, Founder. 


Welcome to Dig Ventures, an early stage venture fund that commits early, helps you with the hard stuff and continues to support as you grow. 


Dig was started in 2018 by MuleSoft Founder, Ross Mason, shifting from unicorn founder to unicorn investor, and has evolved into one of Europe’s preeminent early stage venture funds. 

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Dig invests in Pre-Seed and Seed-stage B2B SaaS and fintech companies in Europe and the U.S. We are dedicated to streamlining the founder journey, helping founders build solid, scalable companies faster and with less stress.


Dig provides portfolios with;

Access to an unparalleled portfolio success model, focused on clearing the hurdles of early company building

Access to an extensive network of founders, technical experts and customers

Support with U.S. expansion through an extensive network of partners